• Love Review

    26. Nov. 2006, 13:51 von stealthmunchkin

    I've had a copy of Love for a little over a week, first as a bootleg advance copy then the real thing. I've held off on posting about it because I wanted to get to know the music before the post.

    The first thing to say is that this is what Anthology 3 should have been. Like that album, this is almost all material from The White Album and later (presumably because that material was recorded in 8-track and so more remixable. And it's infinitely preferable to the travesty that is Let It Be... Naked. Rather than some anodyne, safened version of the material, this is really bold and imaginative.

    I'm particularly pleased that it covers the late period. The conventional wisdom seems to go Moptops-psychedelic-bloated & dull, but while I think the music they did in 65 & 66 was their best, I think their late period contains some gorgeous material that deserves revisiting.

    It's a The Beatles fan's dream, actually. My friend Tilt, who got me my copy, said he listened with a friend. …