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The beginnings of Terrordome date back to early 2005 when Uapa and Mekong came together with the aim of creating a band which would synthesise the best elements of thrash metal and hardcore and yet would play a more up-to-date blend than the typical crossover bands from the 80’s and at the same time would shun from generic metalcore aesthetics. Thus a bastard was created out of old-school thrash, neo-thrash, old school hardcore, crust, grind and hectoliters of booze. After an extensive search the line-up was completed by Mosh and Picho and the band played its first live gigs. In december 2006 Terrordome entered a studio in Cracow to record their first EP, entitled “Shit Fuck Kill”. Finally, after a long and extensive search for a singer the band decided that Uapa’s old school voice suits the sound of Terrordome best. In the 2008 Picho left the band and we found fresh and powerful bass freak Tom! The Squad recorded the new shit called “Split it out” - The split with Lostbone, which consists of 6 oldschool tracks! After gigs promoting “Split it Out”, in 2009 Mosh left the band, to concentrate on Blood Dries First. Then the new guitarist - Rudobrody appeared. While workin’ on the full fucking album another change came - Rudobrody left the band as well. He was quickly changed on the guitar by Paua Siffredi. In 2011 band releases and promotes first official longplay album entitled “We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!, wchich under sign of Defense Records enjoys the fine reputation from reviewers all over the world.




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