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Behind the music of Tegma is Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis, both born and bred in Swedish town Malmoe.
So what’s the story behind this successful trance project?
Omar and Jason have been friends since childhood, with a friendship that goes back to their fathers it was only natural that the two would sooner or later create such a thing as music together. The story begins in 1996 when Omar moved back to Malmoe after having lived a couple of years outside of Sweden and also in Gothenburg.

By the time Omar moved back, he found that Jason had discovered something called Psychedelic Trance. With Greek origins, Jason spends every summer in Greece and that’s where he got in touch with trance, a close friend and relative, Alexis, introduced him to this new genre of electronic music; Psychedelic Trance.
This was in 1994 and Jason went into addiction directly, starting to collect vinyl and playing as a dj at small parties and co-assisting his cousin at a radio show called Danceswitch which was broadcasted on a station in Athens. However this was mainly for fun and Jason didn’t consider picking up dj’ing or producing seriously.

However for Omar, this music didn’t seem too much interesting, he was more into hip-hop and world music. Although he had been listening to some electronica like Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Vangelis it was a bit hard to swallow. Later on , at the end of 1997, Jason forgot some cd’s at Omar’s house, and he put them on just to give it a try as Jason was insisting that this is THE music to listen and party to. Slowly, slowly Omar also got bitten by the psychedelic grooves.




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