El Gusano (2:21)

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  • zak878

    tap tap, then pete and the pirates, now teleman. Still brilliant

    13. Mai., 19:10 Antworten
  • wavylines

    Call me, call me I can’t see you so call me Will I have to go across that stretch of water If only to tell you “Oh, hi there I thought I’d Come round, come round” And shout your name out real loud I’m praying to God you ain’t with someone Do you wanna have a reunion? It’s easy easy The conversation pleased me And I never have to work all that hard To make you smile or just to make you Come round, come round The taxi cost you seven pounds And you’re in the back of the car looking nice And I’m by a window thinking twice If you’re lonely, lonely I don’t want to hear you’re lonely Cause you’ve got a heart like a looking glass You’ve got a cool walk and when you walk past, say Tu me llamas, tu me llamas! Me encanta cuando tu me llamas! Y tengo la cabeza como migas de pan, Y tengo un gusano en mi corazon! Slowly, slowly Don’t rush in like on TV You’ve got to be cool says ??? And my friend says every lock has a key

    3. Nov. 2010 Antworten