• TLC

    13. Feb. 2012, 17:51 von Selena1995

    Is the lastest artists to come into the 100th club with their track Silly Ho Congrats girls!
  • Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop/R&B Lyricz game (vol. VI)

    5. Aug. 2007, 21:32 von Toodalimit

    Guess the Song from the Lyricz!!

    1) Tell Me Have You ever been in a situation where the best thing you can do is the hardest thing you ever done.Goodbye
    2) No mountain's too high for you to climb, all you have to do is have some time and faith...
    3) It's 3:00 in the morning and there is only one thing to do
    4) Oh..Stealing moments just to be with you, though its wrong its hard to tell the truth oh no....
    5) Caught in a maze like you found my way back but I'm trippin on love Like you do me Like that
    6) When your will is broken, when It slips from your hand...Say It Right
    7) I feel it deep inside, I feel it come alive, here comes that feeling againWhen I Feel It
    8) Baby I seen you lookin at that lady I guess things happen ur way babe, why you have to go, go and leave meWhat About Us
    9) & I don't know, this could break my heart or save me, Nothings real until you let go completely....
    10) I know you like me, I know you do, Thats why whenever I come around she is all over youDon't Cha