Synthpop, futurepop, EBM, Industrial, experimental, sound scapes, darkness, hope, despair, uncertain future, strength in knowledge, music for a better living.

Switchboard Of Souls is a Darkwave/Synthpop band coming out of the Kern County, influenced by bands such as Kraftwerk, Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode and Clan Of Xymox. The band started out in 2001 with a goal to make music the way it was made in the early 80’s IE. pop music based on synthesizers.

Since the release of their Maxi-single Don’t Bother Me in 2003, Switchboard Of Souls (SOS) is currently working on some covers, singles and the reworking of a few older tracks, such as ‘Someone Somewhere’ and ‘Amoretti Detonation’. SOS has grown in popularity and managed to maintain a faithful group of fans all over the world.

SOS’ core member Christopher Quintos handles all instrumentation: song writing, keyboards, guitars, synths and all vocal duties. SOS is a progressive metamorphosis of a solo project called KQdelirium, created by Quintos. KQdelirium originated in 1993 while Quintos was living in Hawaii. When he moved across the Pacific Ocean to sunny California, Quintos teamed up with other local talent to form a band called KULTUR. Later that year, As time passed, so did the nuance of KULTUR. Reminiscing over the sounds of KQdelirium, in 2002, Quintos transformed KQdelirium into Switchboard Of Souls.

Switchboard Of Souls LIVE is:
Christopher Quintos - Lead vocals, live synths/keys & programming. Anthony Urbano - Backing vocals, synths/keys.

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