• Christmas Time - My Christmas Mixtape

    17. Dez. 2007, 15:55 von Bornwithafever


    Denison Witmer - Christmas Song
    Christmas day
    In the stillness that protects this day
    The string of lights was strung into a tree
    A string of lights was strung inside of me
    I felt at peace and fell asleep
    I felt at peace and slept

    Chris Garneau - It's Almost Christmas!
    Before mass produciton of fire place stockings
    Families would make them from scratch
    With patches and old scraps of blankets and clothing
    It really didn't matter if they matched

    Sufjan Stevens - We're Goin' to the Country!
    Find a tree and put it in your house
    Put a misletoe upon your mother's blouse
    If you see woman dressed in black
    Give her up a song and then ask for it back
    We're going to the the country

    Brett Dennen - The Holidays Are Here (And We're Still At War)
    Pilgrims in the parking lot
    Arteries clogged with blood clots
    Pushing through the aisles of department stores
    Neon crosses and Christmas lights
    Credit card debts and brand new bikes
  • Ore no Kohaku Uta-gassen (Tracks of the year) '06

    17. Jan. 2007, 15:28 von atnrnkmr

    Albums of the year 2006 for myself.

    ■紅組 Side A

    A Diana's Diana
    Appreciate their coming back.

    Way Out
    Karen O shouts into a my ear like a lion.

    Once and Never Again
    For sure, everybody loves it.

    □白組 Side B

    Fading Into Obscurity
    New album might be Abby Road of the 21st century?

    Canal Song
    Even better than the latest one by Snow Patrol.

    His whisper voice presents a fine contrast to the crazy drums. It's fucking brilliant.