Pledge of Resonance (2:05)

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  • FrlSieben

    I am a listener. Well before there was something to be said, I was here. Many have argued whether or not sound exists without me, but what is often overlooked in the midst of these debates is the true importance of the relationship between sound and those who perceive it. Sound can be defined as something heard, but in essence is a cycle of vibrations that move through matter. As the listener I vow to maintain the ability to define these vibrations, and therefore amplify them with my actions. It is in my hands to allow what I hear to fade to silence, or to be given meaning. As these actions remain, I become the echo that prolongs the life of a sound. And as sound is essentially a movement, ultimately, the fate of a movement lies within me: The Listener.

    19. Apr. 2013 Antworten