Snowfall was formed in late 2001 in Nova Scotia, with the original intent of creating a traditional black metal band. The reason for this was that the founding members in their local scene had no representation of black metal in its „true form“.
All active bands at the time were melodic or death metal influenced (Except Funeral Fog, which became close contacts to the band at the time), lacking the dissonant and trance like rhythms which give black metal its unique expressive form. This, of course, was the preferred form of musical expression for the members.

Snowfall eventually gathered the reputation of being the most vicious, or at least, the most viciously disliked band in the eastern Canadian metal scene. With a reputation for extreme substance abuse, violence and being difficult to work with, Snowfall eventually became lost and obscured sometime after the release of their first album Black Terror Art in 2004.
Relegated to the status of a „cult“ band, a few hundred people around the world still listened to Black Terror Art.

Fast Forward to 2008. Snowfall reunites with Northern Horde Records to release Their 2005/2006 recorded album Delirium Tremens. With the suggestions from M.Thorn of Benighted in Sodom and Keeg from Skullfucking Metal Records, Snowfall set up a myspace, something the members had been reluctant to do for the first seven years of the band’s existence.

The band is now working on a remix of Black Terror Art and a New 80 minute release for 2009, with the addition of new, and most likely permanent members known as Áswa, EyeSack and Sagacious. All contact, all booking for shows, all inquiries about purchases and all other relevant snowfall questions can be sent to Cain at

A Snowfall website is currently being worked on which will be ready by winter of 2008/2009.

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