• Lucinda Williams and Alejandro Escovedo at the Forum for Mom's B-Day

    9. Apr. 2007, 0:03 von Serpent_axed

    I had the pleasure of attending a dinner w/ supermutti and tenderbranson69 along with Karen, my Mom's friend at Suba in Harrisburg. It is a nicely decorated mediteranean style restaurant across from the capitol. I had never had the chance to eat tapas so I was intriqued. I sat down and within moments I was perusing the menu and enjoying the first sips of a Troeg's Hopback Amber ale.

    Troeg's Hopback

    We asked some questions since the menu was in spanish and decided on Crab in puff pastry + Piqualle(?), Tuna w/ currant, purple onion and cilatro, Green beans with apricot and soynuts, White asparagus with lemon aiolli and Scallops w/ prosciutto. We decided we may enjoy more variety, so we ordered Fierce potatoes (they lived up to their nam), Roast pork kebob w/ sweet sauce and rice flour, Skirt steak w/ yucatan potatoes oregano and vinegar and a few more including: Baby octopus in lemon and garlic butter.

    The bathroom was just as nicely decorated with a handpainted sink and cherrywood toilet seat. …