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Sirens and Whistles



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Be cordially invited to a journey into deep sounds from another world!
Sirens and Whistles consists of Saskia Schön (vocals) and Alexander “Newton“ Bednasch (instruments) who create a unique
kind of melancholy with mind-driven and heart-censored lyrics as well as clever and advanced instrumental arrangements.
Hiperbole Records is very proud to present the new German acoustic/folk/rock duo to the music cosmos.

Let their six wonderful pieces accompany you on your walks through the city, estrange the world that surrounds you or just inspire
you to think and dream. Sirens and Whistles know how to carry the listener off into their cryptic spheres of words and sounds.
Alexander Bednasch appeared as a bass player on different productions, including several Renegades Of Jazz or Mash & Munkee
records. For Saskia Schön Two Souls, Alas is the first official display of her strong and expressive singing.
The eclectic songs on the EP introduce the audience to an ever-broadening horizon, finding something real in this plastic world in
which, sometimes, we all feel lost.
Pandora‘s Mind has a flickering and emotional touch to it, whereas Fall prophesies the apocalypse with industrial attitudes. This
can only be followed by a retreat inwards: Interlude. Red Sun, a denser, more accessable song, rings in the band‘s new approach
to songwriting. It‘s You is you, is me, is a dark, emotive song from A to E minor. Trains rounds off the EP with a view on the social


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