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Silvio Ecomo


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Real Name: Rabon O. Brunings

Dutch DJ/producer/remixer Silvio Ecomo was born in The Hague, April 18th 1970. His father is from Curacao (Dutch Antilles) and his mother is from The Netherlands.

Silvio started producing in 1987 when he and a friend (Janno) bought an Akai sampler to work with. They got their first record deal in 1989 (with the company that is now called BPMDANCE). First he produced Gabberhouse, Drum & Bass, Bubblin’ and all sorts of music. The Hardcore (Gabberhouse ) tracks were released as „D&F“, and there were a few hits amongst them like „D&F - Buzz Click“ (1992) and „D&F - Amsterdam Is On Fire“ (1993).

In 1992 he released some mellowhouse tracks as „Bamboo“. A good track that played at quite a few clubs but nothing really big happened: „Bamboo - One“.

Silvio’s 1st release on the „2-Play“ label was „Silvio Ecomo - The Pull / Uprising“. This release was sold out in 1 week and stood number 1 in the Dutch Dance chart. The B side was produced by Mac Zimms.

Together with Mac Zimms he started the label „Bango“. On this label he released his own Tribal-Techno sound. Much inspired by everything from old skool Hip Hop to drum&bass. The first release on Bango was „Nemesis“, this track did very well and was licenced to the famous Hooj Choones.
Releases on Bango became more & more popular from then on: „Lunchbox“ and „Woodworks“ both did really well. „Standing“, on Bango, was a massive hit. Licenced to Hooj Choons in the UK and remixed by Jamie Anderson and more. „Standing“ gave Silvio Ecomo more worldwide recognition. „No Dip“, on Bango, is the best sold Bango ever and a big floorfiller to date…




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