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Silent Fall


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Silent Fall was created in may 2005 from the passion for music of three members of the band : Guillaume (keyboards), Cyrille (guitar) and Adrien (lead vocals). After a long period of searching for a drummer and a bass guitar player, Benoist (bass guitar) and Paulo (drums) finally joined the band in September. This line-up started to play music under the name of Winterland.

The band began to play its first songs which were composed a few months earlier. Every member agreed to look for a second guitar player, in order to give more power and substance to the music. Fabrice therefore joined the band in June 2006. His arrival corresponded to the first main Parisian gigs of the band with, inter alia, a concert at l’Espace Curial on the 2nd June 2006 with Niflheim and The Last Embrace (200 people), and a presence at Heavenfest on the 8th July 2006, at la Maroquinerie (450 people).

The evolution of Winterland’s music and the cohesion of their many fans incited the group to begin producing their first EP, „The Snow Begin To Fall“ in early 2007. The group moved onto the concert scene, notably with sixth place at Fallenfest, a Parisian musical contest bringing over 500 bands together, and allowing many dates at prestigious venues such as „Le Trabendo“ and „La Cigale“. Equally, it should be noted that the group has supported two Danish bands during their European tours, Mercenary and Mnemic, as well as several concerts outside of Paris.




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