Crazy For You (4:13)

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i was born to rock. learned to walk in flip flops. And i bought my clothes at the local thrift shop. I wouldn't be late if i looked at the clock, but id rather spend time than by a wrist watch. zip-lock keep it fresh. red hot chili pep. dread lock rosta. I was high when we met, but i remember everything from your eyes to your dress. sun rise on the east when it sets on the west side. let the guitar play. yeah, lets vibe. Forget the bad days, think about the good times. the pimp c's at the hollywood go, where is my mind? i just don't know. Life goes so fast then it goes too slow. had to join a band to discover the flow. but ay yo i got two tickets to the rock show. dead center front row.
I wanna take you out to the rock show baby. Make you understand what makes me. And if you want i will go crazy for you.
(if you wanna go crazy girl) oh oh (then you can be my baby girl)
Before i drove i walked, kickin rocks in the park. Kick flip and drop. Shootin hoops on the black top. I still remember when the joints were skinny, way before i had a penny and lenny chopped his dread locks. Late night, i listened to the tape box til the daylight come and i break off to find a girl so i could sing a love song in her ear and tell her where we go from here. Get the guitar baby play lets drop. Forget the bad days, think about the good times. Make love every night like the first night. And dance in the sand, like its our birth right. Live it up cause it may not last. Life goes too slow then it goes too fast. Had to see the future to discover the past, so if you wanna go here's a backstage pass.

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