• Song Of The Day - 16 Sep 2008: Faceless

    22. Sep. 2008, 3:13 von sablespecter

    Godsmack / Faceless / Faceless (2) / Apr 2003

    I was just listening to this album again the other day after thinking about the Red Dot Factor because this was the first album to be evaluated with the RDF, grading in at 83% (10 of 12 songs).

    This was a great album/tour. They're the only band I have ever seen live that does a portion of their show with two full drum kits. Sully Erna takes a stool and he and Shannon Larkin have a little duet/competition that is amazing and doesn't feel long like so many drum solos do.

    A buddy of mine recently said that these guys sound like - and were pushed as a radio replacement for - Alice in Chains. I know that's where they got their name, and I can kinda see his point especially given the amount of radio play these guys got back around the time of this album and the couple prior. I dunno, though. They sometimes sound similar, but I've always liked Godsmack better.

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