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  • Rock_n_Robin

    Not many artists are brave enough to tackle a song like this. Kudos to Sarah and. of course. In case you look for it, YouTube no longer has the XTC version, but Daily Motion still does.

    März 2013
  • khal_naqis

    Definitely better than the original for me.

    Juli 2012
  • maxlharris

    Massive cover of a great song by XTC. The build is awesome.

    Februar 2012
  • Blu-

    Oh, yes, the buildup of tension... By the end, it's raw emotion.

    Juni 2011
  • Toruviel22

    Great song and great voice :)

    Dezember 2009
  • gaspero1

    This is okay, but it's like a shallow version of the original. The original sends shivers down my spine when it ends.

    Mai 2009
  • crystalpistol00

    I think this one is better than the original, but I like both.

    April 2009
  • edumata


    Februar 2009
  • mewsic156

    not as good and powerful as the original....... [2]

    Dezember 2008
  • Blubeagle

    Good cover. I still like the original XTC version better.

    Dezember 2008
  • duelmint

    not as good and powerful as the original.......

    September 2008
  • carcrash_heartz

    This song is sadly very true. I like Sarah's cover of it. The lyrics hit home and make you think about life.

    September 2008
  • TuneBlendR

    It seems it not 'what you say or write... BUT, how you sing it'.

    August 2008
  • roncriss


    Juni 2008
  • 151528

    Brilliant cover of the original song, I won't say one is better than the other because this version is done its own different way, (which is what makes it a good cover) :D

    Mai 2008
  • roster10

    sara is unique...

    Mai 2008
  • mauerblumchen

    I'd like to say that she didn't do it justice, but I have to admit that she interpreted it very well. I still prefer XTC's original, but kudos to Sarah.

    Mai 2008
  • Tanru

    Wow I remember this song! Great version!

    Februar 2008
  • twent4

    Wow, i didn't know this song was that old, thought it was an original Tricky song. Love this version

    Februar 2008
  • thomasvangurp

    Great song, i love the buildup of tension in the song. Sarah does an amazing job. Sarah's version really tops the original..

    Februar 2008
  • paatej

    excellent song.. I heard it first on House M.D. CD .. I love those emotions she put in.. well done..

    Februar 2008
  • rebeccafarber

    This is a fierce cover...wonderful

    Januar 2008
  • WingsOfSeraphim

    She sounds so angry and disappointed... But she´s right. :oc

    Dezember 2007
  • erkol

    wow indeed, such a powerful song

    November 2007
  • rosepetals1984

    Wow, great song from Sarah McLachlan-very emotional and potent, particularly towards the end.

    November 2007
  • jtaylorj


    November 2007
  • _Gabs


    Juni 2007
  • Quarkz


    Mai 2007