• Enlightening?

    1. Dez. 2005, 4:31 von airy130

    Today, I found out many things I should not know. Or, things I would know if I were friendly.

    And I listened to Hannah. One of those I'd heard over and over without the title.

    If everyone has stock stories, a "greatest hits" set that end up out one way or the other, how is it possible that I know the players without knowing the game? And why is that she's no more interesting than I suspected? It's eerie to think that the key moves have been clear from the beginning, and the others washed up within a few weeks.

    My greatest hits:

    You know what - I don't think I have any. I have moods. I tell stories that end up revealing things I'd forgotten. So, here are some things I'd forgotten:

    Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye Senor.

    Chattahoochie Rachel.

    I Don't Wanna Be Dave.

    Suds in the Bucket John