Old groove versus new beats!

Knowing that SANTIAGO CORTES work is always a benchmark in Swiss music, we are proud to present you the latest production out of SANTIAGO CORTES studio.

SANTIAGO CORTES knows how to surprise. His latest singles all entered the Swiss single charts and directly went up to the top, Up in front his hit DON´T LEAVE ME, being in the Swiss charts for more than 14 weeks and internationally distributed. But as well his further productions SUPERSTAR, SATURDAY and CRAZY went on air and persuaded not only the addicts of modern dance music but as well a wide range of the Swiss population, helping SANTIAGO CORTES to become one of the most recognised producers here in Switzerland.
After a high involvement in national and international party labels, he got back to the origins in his studio and started to work on something completly new. Some years ago, the British rock band BLUR dominated the charts with their SONG 2. Being fascinated by the power of the song, SANTIAGO CORTES started to integrate house and dance beats, giving the song a new style and a new voice. The result is an impressive SANTIAGO CORTES vs BLUR remix, ready to be sent out into the world. It`s power will surround you and play in summer 2007. Therefore we are proud to present you SONG 2 for your radio rotation. Be part of it and play it first!

Until then we are looking forward hearing the marvellous voice of the new single CRAZY out of the national radio stations.

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