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Soundsurface - A short Biography

The artist Soundsurface was born as Marcus Theil in the fall of 1982. He always had a distinctive interest in music. Even in his youth he listened to music very mindful. Later, in the mid-1990s the desire to produce his own music came up. 1999 marks his „leap year“ as he started to discover the world of novel electronic music. Terms like IDM, Ambient, Electro House, Drum & Bass affected his awareness for music extremely. Releases from artists like Aphex Twin, Autechre, Plaid, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, GusGus, Underworld or Mouse on Mars washed his brain devilishly. Since then he developed a taste for quirky, creative and non-commercial music.

Today, he doesn’t favor just one specific musical style, but is interested in an enormous spectrum of music. Basically, Soundsurface has a liking for non-commercial music. Normally he doesn’t listen to the radio, only if he has to. For that reason he doesn’t know much about current number one hits. It’s likely that constant access to his private music collection with a huge spectrum of musical styles, is an explanation for his spread of creativity in relation to his own productions.

He definitely adores a lot of artists, but never wants to copy their ideas or sounds. In fact, he is always trying to find his own path. If Soundsurface creates a track, he won’t waste time to think about what musical style his composition is similar to. He is simply doing it. Other people should label the musical genre(s) for him - if they can. It is only important that he likes the track. The composition should give him a fascinating and worthwhile feeling to work on it.



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