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  • iSui

    Yeah, guessed right with the weather report. Sounds a little similar to Swedish & for me as a German it's easy to understand a liiittle. ;)

    November 2014
  • Amanethis

    Icelandic is one of the most beautiful languages.

    Juli 2014
  • TemplarOfSteel1

    Just checked, and "Stinningskaldi" means "strong breeze", so yeah, it's most likely a weather report.

    Januar 2014
  • TemplarOfSteel1

    @Kliedziens I was wondering the same thing...

    Januar 2014
  • FiftySven

    best song ever...

    Juni 2013
  • trabi0

    lol sounds like it

    März 2013
  • Kliedziens

    Is that a weather forecast?

    Februar 2013