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Rowwen Hèze


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Formation and history

The band started with the search for a new lead singer for the band The Legendary Texas Four. Jack Poels, formerly singing in the band Bad Edge, was willing to fulfill this position, on the condition he was allowed to do one song in dialect. The other band members agreed and Rowwen Hèze was born. In early years they mostly played covers in English. A lot of bands from Limburg compose a song every Carnaval, which is a big cultural event in that region. Rowwen Heze became known in all of the Netherlands with the Carnaval song „Niks stront niks“ (no crap nothing). After that they gradually sang more and more songs in dialect.
Since 1991 the band consists of Jack Poels (vocals, guitar and harmonica), William „Tren“ van Enckevort (accordion, piano, trombone and vocals), Jan Philipsen (bass guitar and Double bass), Theo Joosten (guitar, mandolin, saxophone, tin whistle and percussion), Jack Haegens (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone en percussion) and Martîn Rongen (drums and percussion).
Rowwen Hèze have proved themselves in the Dutch music history, although their lyrics are difficult for people who do not understand dialects of Limburgish. They have also proved themselves internationally with a particular mix of Tex-Mex, Irish folk, American rock and brass band music.

The band has the reputation of being a true party band. During their performances, a lot of beer throwing often takes place. Some of their greatest hits are:




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