Snowdrop (4:23)

Cover von Tomcats Screaming Outside

Aus Tomcats Screaming Outside

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  • TuneBlendR

    lyrics are 'a bit' morbid, tho

    28. Apr., 13:40 Antworten
  • JCHB322

    It is a shame that this album had such limited release, because it is absolutely BRILLIANT! Snowdrop is one of my favorites off this album, but the whole thing is a remarkable testament to Roland's musical genius! I hope the new stuff that he and Curt are working on gets released has been too long since we have heard from TFF!

    28. Feb. 2014 Antworten
  • enzo5

    when i see brilliant music like this with so few listeners, i say to myself, something must be wrong. is it possible that of all 1000000 TFF listeners, only 0.2% were interested enough to check out Orzabal's solo record? And only a fraction of them made it to the end?

    23. Nov. 2011 Antworten