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  • harwoo20

    Rodney Atkins fans DRINK TO THIS new Jerrod Niemann track!

    März 2014
  • ALAnfuso

    From Take a Back Road to I Can Drink to That All Night (Jerrod Niemann)... the perfect playlist

    Februar 2014
  • Mozzerella10

    yankee doodle.

    November 2012
  • Star_Music

    Take A Back Road is a beautiful song

    April 2012
  • djonny_

    makes me wanna take a back road <3

    Oktober 2011
  • Emmelsbuell

    gute Musik

    Mai 2011
  • evelynsouth

    Farmers Daughter whoo hoo!! and 15 minutes aha

    März 2011
  • hairchick71

    Dang boy--u sure are lookin good.

    März 2011
  • sabreblod

    "If You're Going Through Hell" is inspiring.

    September 2010
  • afrodelight

    Love Its America !! I'm a closet country music fan lol

    Juli 2010
  • SgtRhino

    Watching You.... wow - great song ;-)

    Juni 2010
  • svumonkey88


    April 2010
  • mountiangurl_17

    come on in boys sit on down tell me bout ur self u like my daughter do ya now yea we think shes somethin else shes her dadys gurl in her mommas world she derserves respect thts what she will get now an't it son LUV THT SONG

    Januar 2010
  • mountiangurl_17

    i luv him hes such a good country singer

    Januar 2010
  • andrewlovesk

    Rockin' Of The Cradle mi fav song from the new album, is amazing!!!

    Oktober 2009
  • mvm612

    wish he had more songs on here!

    September 2009
  • moniafelicani

    meravigliosa !!!

    Mai 2009
  • davidn87

    The new album is really good.

    März 2009
  • andrewlovesk

    My fav country singer!

    März 2009
  • kayla69


    Februar 2009
  • dmlowitz

    You can see Rodney LIVE at Sticks Country Music Festival April 17-18 near Auburn, AL! He'll be joined by 14 other top country acts including Trace Adkins, Sara Evans, Diamond Rio, Gretchen Wilson and more! Two cool days and two smokin' hot nights in a beautiful cooler friendly, camping welcome environment. Join 50,000 others at Sticks! (Only $85 for a two day pass!)

    Februar 2009
  • heath987

    Just started listening to him...he's really good! I like These are my people and watching you!

    Dezember 2008
  • animalgurl

    Love this song...who can't relate to this in some way? We should all be more thoughtful of each other...make this world a better place.

    Oktober 2008
  • iCondemned

    I like this song a lot. I hope my kid(s) won't say anything like this anytime soon (when ever I'm going to have a kid).

    September 2008
  • georgia_Gal1

    i love your song{invisibly shaken. its definatly my forite from you. your son is so cute

    Juli 2008
  • tcatron565

    One of the best country singers out right now. IYGTH(BTDEK), WY, and CTG(COIB) are amazing songs!

    März 2008
  • Bardhlul

    Watching You was #1 country song of 2007 -- how about that

    Dezember 2007
  • FierceDiva

    He's so damn hot, cute butt to :). I love watching him perform in those jeans.

    Juli 2007