• Eija Risen's lyrics and poetry

    17. Jun. 2012, 8:50 von Kaltenhoenn

    The following works reflect various mental conditions that occurred to me over past years. There is a huge contradiction, because some of them contain contrary of my current belief. Some are something I'm ashamed of, but they are published anyway for no particular reason. I do not know who I am anymore, as well as who I am not.


    Astral Monolith - Lamb Behind the Mask of Madness (early 2012)

    Dirty little whore
    Miserable castaway
    Dying on the shore
    Victim of the mental storm
    Behind walls of greed
    Unfortunate refugee
    From the sinking ship

    Embarrassing to be
    Held by such fallacy
    Still deepening own grave
    With logic of the cave men
    Truth feels like a rope
    Made of your own hair
    Tying around your neck
    And kicking out the chair

    Your worthless life is a sum of effort
    of your all ancestors up to present day
    Alone you're just a naked and weak savage
    Losing fight for food with your current slaves

    People, oh people
    Shepherds of mine