Richard Hammersley
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1 Water Tower and Caller kostenloser Download 17:22 13
2 scratch meets the captain 1 kostenloser Download 7:40 12
3 01 canada prairie stripboard kostenloser Download 8:54 12
4 plain end 1 kostenloser Download 9:05 5
5 even near the river the subsoil is rocky kostenloser Download 7:10 9
6 Fast Castle kostenloser Download 22:30 12

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  • rhhammersley

    Water tower and caller is a mix of recorded water dripping through a large temporary construction of pots and pans in the bath and vocals. The recording was then equalized and tinkered with in garageband. Some of the tinkering included forcing a tonality onto the non musical material. Scratch meets the captain uses some of that material and mixes in live and sampled musical sources. canada prairie stripboard was made by rubbing magnets on a pile of reel-to-reel tape then rerecording and editing the audible results (don't try this at home folks unless you have a degausser to hand). plain end is the end of a longer piece made the old fashioned way bouncing between two reel-to-reel recorders. The base material is voice. In this piece the speed is varied enormously.

    13. Jun. 2008 Antworten