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  • Amrabart

    as '90s as it gets

    September 2014
  • Rud-Johns

    Its "Republica Rock", not "Republica"

    April 2014
  • twigg23fkd

    Brazilian Republica ->

    April 2014
  • Rud-Johns

    there is no brazilian republica

    März 2014
  • WalkerMarques

    I'm looking for the Republica for men: the brazilian one.

    Februar 2014
  • Tijnvveen

    Point of no Return haha what a joke [2]

    Januar 2014
  • rudboxx

    Point of no Return haha what a joke

    Oktober 2013
  • letsbolt

    <3333333 saffron

    September 2013
  • MarkoB87

    New song called ''Hallelujah'':

    Juli 2013
  • winkelwagenshow

    listen to a special interview from saffron with me in my radioshow. It goes about the awesome come back with Christiana Obey... you want to know who she is? Saffron has the answer. listen up .......

    Juni 2013
  • MarkoB87

    I really hope that their upcoming album will end up sounding as awesome as ''Christiana Obey''.

    April 2013
  • android1985

    Interesting comeback.

    April 2013
  • QueenGem

    Suck Baby Suck is good

    April 2013
  • gamebalance

    I like "Christiana Obey" song. Pretty good. Are there any bands that plays something like that? PM me.

    April 2013
  • tripodthunder

    You can get the new 8 track EP on amazon now, the title track is pretty good, the rest, hmmm not so much...

    April 2013
  • jrs1991

    The new song is great

    April 2013
  • alin1

    New video for the single "Christiana Obey":

    April 2013
  • HimitsuUK

    Ready To Go reminds me of Elastica.

    März 2013
  • tripodthunder

    I hope they can catch the magic of their first album, can lightning strike twice... ? !

    März 2013
  • NarooN

    New album in the works. They've been doing shows recently as well.

    Februar 2013
  • fredy360

    Baby I'm ready to go [4]

    Oktober 2012
  • Cavis-H

    love so much!!90年代的英伦摇滚总让我无限沉迷~~

    Juli 2012
  • TylerSymes

    @Rud-Johns they would probably be making a new album right now

    Mai 2012
  • Rud-Johns


    April 2012
  • NarooN

    Some really catchy tracks on these albums! Saffron was such a babe back in the day, and her voice is amazing.

    März 2012
  • arthurvs

    Yeah yeah drop dead gorgeous!

    März 2012
  • Varnish_ice

    DDG офигенная песня

    Februar 2012
  • KeyWiz

    очередная группа одной единственной песни-хита. : ) Но песня мощная, на века...

    Januar 2012
  • hindinburg


    November 2011
  • ottosdaughter

    did someone say comeback??? Come Back!!!

    November 2011
  • FaFrance

    great songs

    August 2011
  • handcuter

    any news about comeback?

    Juli 2011
  • karolfunny

    Baby I'm ready to go [3]

    Juli 2011
  • SkyDreamer101

    Baby I'm ready to go<3[2]

    Juni 2011
  • IcyBliss

    Baby I'm Ready to go<3

    Juni 2011
  • MinDD

    It's a crack, I'm back yeah standing On the rooftops having it Baby I'm ready to go

    Mai 2011
  • deliboo

    Love U Saffron I died my hair red & black like Saffron.

    Mai 2011
  • AntisystemX

    hahahahahahaa great fucking sounds!

    Januar 2011
  • AntisystemX

    i love u babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marry meeeeeeeeeee

    Januar 2011
  • trashyourshit

    new song woooooot!!!!

    Oktober 2010
  • ravencrow

    New song <3

    Oktober 2010
  • Hicoso

    Saffron !!! *O* ♥ ♥ ♥ ~~

    Oktober 2010
  • madboy

    I hope i get to see these guys in London next week :-)

    Oktober 2010
  • AshMcAuliffe

    I like the new version of Ready To Go. It's canny.

    September 2010
  • RadioLu14

    so 90's

    August 2010
  • Hellraiser917

    Saffron is bang tidy....!!!!

    Juli 2010
  • tripodthunder

    Lightning only struck once but that first album knocked me on my ass!!! Easily a top 50 best album for me from the 90's.

    Juni 2010
  • malevoiy

    drop dead :>

    Juni 2010
  • boxviolet

    love you guys!!!

    Juni 2010
  • Deathdrug

    The new version of Ready to Go is crap and totally unnecessary.

    Juni 2010