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  • theironictea

    Awesome. Also, that live video!

    Dezember 2014
  • HayleighRayment

    get us an egg roll frpm subway

    Juli 2014
  • SthefanyBianca

    How to not love this song? ♥

    März 2014
  • DonAweonao

    Subway to Peeeeeeeenis

    Oktober 2012
  • cassidy_akira

    this is one of the most mental songs i have ever heard and its totally awesome from the vocals to all the instruments, its friggin sweeeeet XD

    Februar 2012
  • Cielofunk

    Sexfunk live from heaven

    Juni 2011
  • Grimmoire

    sounds like a song from Jazz Jackrabbit (and by that I mean really really really awesome :D)

    Februar 2011
  • PartySanCTG

    love this song, but I always find it funny that due to Kiedis' weird pronounciation, I always hear the chorus as "Space is king or so I sing, subway to penis".

    März 2010
  • drummerguy872

    this song is absolutely wild, i love it

    März 2010
  • theviperchick

    you have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!

    Januar 2010
  • Blindrobbery

    I pissed my pants.

    November 2009
  • greendreamz

    heeee heeee he.goddam right :)

    November 2009
  • OhmsweetOhm

    This is so DAMN funky in every meaning of the word!

    Oktober 2009
  • werty36

    this song kicks ass!

    September 2009
  • jdub_dub

    haha, awesome video up there :D :D

    August 2009
  • krustywazoo

    I don't listen to this song enough. :<

    August 2009
  • I_See_sound

    Love those horns.

    März 2009
  • NiandraLD

    this song is like a great party

    März 2009
  • Dendo69


    Februar 2009
  • AceOfSpades24

    That video is insane!

    Dezember 2008
  • rockabeamus

    oh yes i agree best song!! ♫ life's too short to be in a hole so bust into your funkiest stroll ♫

    Dezember 2008
  • dievoklaida

    Best funk rock song ever!

    November 2008
  • Krischan90

    ahhh that´s real music :D

    September 2008
  • robslater90

    nah i think they had someone else playing the horns, i ahve read that in teh scar tissue book.

    September 2008
  • Ytris

    ...and it's the preferable way to get to venus...

    August 2008
  • playitloud979x

    love this song!! haha

    August 2008
  • adam-454

    ...axis bold as love you see comes and goes so easily...

    Juli 2008
  • El_Salvador7

    Is that Flea playing the trumpet? Nice...

    Mai 2008
  • fuzmeister

    Nice horns!!

    April 2008
  • hawk505

    This song is definitely win.

    April 2008
  • habakukkkk


    Januar 2008
  • meandrock

    harika bi grup bayılıyom onlara

    Oktober 2007
  • Quicksand227

    best song off mothers milk IMO

    August 2007
  • appelmet1been


    Juli 2007
  • ImmortalAthon

    Space is king or so I sing! Subway to veeeeeeenus! <3

    April 2007