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Gonna take off my pants
Gonna take off my pants
Gonna take off my pants
Gonna take off my pants

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  • ctd55

    On some level, this is a response to "Short People," the success of which Randy attributed to its being mistaken for a silly novelty song. There people saw the dumb jokes, but didn't see the insight holding the dumb jokes together. Now it's as if he's pretending to write just the dumb jokes. The (pseudo-)profound music--defined by its opening and closing organ passages, heavy bass melody, and uncharacteristic shouted vocals--demands to be taken seriously. The preposterous lyrics, which revolve around Randy's concern with taking off his pants, make that demand impossible to meet. It sure seems a pure novelty song--really stupid and really funny. But, there's deeper, darker joke, too. Randy spent hours composing this, session musicians were hired to play on it, a producer worked to make it sound just so, and working men manufactured the LPs and shipped them all over. All so Randy could defy the world by taking off his pants in a song that, by all rights, shouldn't exist.

    21. Jun. 2010 Antworten