Psylent Buddhi - The not so greatest hits

5. Okt. 2008 | von protonkinoun.tumblr.com/

I just uploaded a collection of mostly older Psylent Buddhi tracks to the artist page. I’ve bundled them together in an album called 1997 - 2003 .

Some of the tracks have been floating around the internet on various music sites for years now, but I’ve included a few tracks that have never been released before. Unfortunately I lost the sourcefiles to many of these tracks a long time ago, and all I had left were compressed mp3 versions of the tracks. I did do some remastering of the tracks, but it’s far from optimal using mp3s encoded at 128 or 160kbps as the source. For instance, the track Play Lunar Core was resting comfortably on a backup disc I made in 1998, until I dug it out and decided to include it on the album. The only version I had of that track was a noisy, low-volume 128kbps mp3 file. I’ve attempted to clean it up a bit, boost the volume and make the mix appear a tad more transparent. I didn’t quite succeed, but included it anyway, as I find it to be a nice piece of acidtrance. But alas, the soundquality of a lot of these tracks, well, flat out suck. Hopefully it’s still marginally enjoyable. I’m doing a nice job marketing this album, right. :-)

I’m off again!

Lies hier den kompletten Artikel:


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