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  • My Top 5 Albums of 1985

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    5: Prince - Around The World In A Day
    A great album from Prince that often gets overlooked. It includes the huge hit "Raspberry Beret" and the single "Pop Life". But you can also find the gems "Condition of the Heart", "Temptation", "Paisley Park", "America", "The Ladder", and the awesome title track.

    4: John Cougar Mellencamp - Scarecrow
    This is probably my favorite Mellencamp record. It includes the hits "Small Town", "Lonely Ol' Night" and "R.O.C.K. In The USA". I later discovered the wonderful tunes "Minutes To Memories", "Rain On The Scarecrow" and "Justice & Independence". Check this one out if you haven't yet.

    3: Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston
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  • ポップライフ

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    1985年作のシングル「Pop Life」がある。

    大ヒットした1984年の「Purple Rain」、
    1985年の「Around the World in a Day」、
    1986年の「Parade」、The Revolutionを解散して
    ソロ名義となった1987年の「Sign 'o' the Times」と、

    この曲の入っているアルバム「Around the World in a Day」は
    「Purple Rain」とほぼ同時期に録音されていた
    それはそうと、「Purple Rain」とは打って変わって、

    この曲「Pop Life」は摩訶不思議な音の間を持った
    プリンスの12インチはFull Length Versionともいえる

    PrinceAround The World In A DayPop Life
  • Thoughts on some of the albums I brought with me to Mexico pt. 1

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    So I burned/bought a bunch of albums with me to Mexico, and I’ve had a chance to listen to a few of them…

    N.W.A. “Straight Outta Compton”—I’m listening to this for the first time right now (the “Dopeman” remix actually, not one of the better numbers) and I have to say, despite the fact I’ve heard about half of it before, I’m pretty blown away. This sounds dated in a very pleasant way—the production is great. And Ice Cube. Holy shit he absolutely slays throughout. I really need to hear his first couple albums. The lyrics here are pretty questionable, obviously, but I think a song like “Fuck The Police” is admirable in its own way for turning around something that's really bad. The anger is really palpable. I would not want to be one of their girlfriends though.
    Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to listen to hip-hop if I didn’t speak English.

    PavementSlanted and Enchanted” and “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain”—Splurged and bought the super-deluxe versions of both of these…
  • Top 25 Prince Albums

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    25. Newpower Soul (1998)
    24. Chaos and Disorder (1996)
    Its better to just think of this as Prince’s way of saying fuck you Warner Brothers than an album worth listening to. Mind you it’s still a pretty fun album albeit rushed and lacking in quality song writing.
    23. Emancipation (1996)
    Has its moments but its two discs too much.
    22. Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (1999)
    When the best track on the album isn’t in the track listing you know your sitting on a bit of a dud.
    21. Come (1994)
    Has its moments.
    20. Batman (1989)
    The namesake single is a cool silly sample filled diddy but the album isn’t all that spectacular.
    19. Musicology (2004)
    I totally dug the namesake single however this never really grabbed me as an album.
    18. Graffiti Bridge (1990)
    Has its moments however the best of them can be contributed to The Time
    17. N.E.W.S (2003)
    This is a fun jazzy instrumental album and I think it’s awesome that Prince would release such an album in lieu of his world tour. It also has some of the funkiest packaging ever.
  • Some albums i like part 9: FUNCK ME

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  • Prince. My perspectives.

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    My first journal entry is in regards to none other than the legend: Prince.

    The question in the title was posed to me after gifts were exchanged at Christmas. My cousins (HUGE, lifelong Prince fans) wanted to take a look at the two new box sets I received; the start of my personal Prince collection. They asked me the question outright and wondered how a "modern" 17 year old like me became attached to a someone so defined to one era. So revolutionary (I mean...let's be real, here...even I can admit that music is not what it used to be). So "before my time." Well, here's my justification. The following describes exactly how I feel about Prince's music, in mini-reviews.

    I was exposed to his albums in the following order:

    * Purple Rain"
    * Diamonds And Pearls"
    * Sign 'O' The Times"
    * Batman"
    * Around The World In A Day"
    * 1999[/album]"]
    * Parade"
    * The Love Symbol Album"
    * Lovesexy"
    * The Black Album"
  • Thought I'd list out my cd collection

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  • The Beginning of the Artistic Peak ("ATWIAD" Review) **** 1/2 out of *****

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    Considered a curveball to those Prince fans that were expecting Purple Rain 2 in 1985. But here, on Around the World In a Day, Prince shows off a good bit of his Beatles influences, along with bringing together alot more of The Revolution's collectively talents. Once again, Prince broadens your horizons as you listen to some of his most challenging and adventurous pop songs ever released.

    The opening Indian-Beatles flute playing of the title track, along with psychadelia of "Paisley Park," the opera "Condition of the Heart," the pop-catchiness of "Raspberry Beret," the stripped-down bit of funk in "Tamborine," the Hendrix-inspired "America," the genius questioning of "Pop Life," the personal "Ladder," and the climax of "Temptation" will definitely change your outlook on Prince if you haven't heard it enough of his stuff.

    Get ready for an adventure!