• Tuesday Ten: Tracks of the month (September)

    4. Okt. 2010, 9:27 von amodelofcontrol

    A day earlier than usual, here's my usual roundup of tracks new and old that I really like right now:

    Track Of The Month:

    electronic (new mix)
    my cat loves string theory

    A band whom I've heard a whole lot of buzz about this year, and it took until a plea online on a friend's Facebook page that I could get a link to their material. Just try googling the band's name! Anyway, now I've actually heard them, I can tell you something about it. An unusual, experimental electronic-industrial project, seemingly entirely unafraid to throw in influences from just about everywhere, this EP starts with the near hip-hop stylings in this track, to the delicate acoustic stylings of Fiona. It's not quite as straightforward, though, in their sound. Vocals are heavily distorted, beats chop and change into new rhythms, and there is layer after layer of synths. A cleverly constructed sound, and a few cracking tunes, too. I'd be really interested to see these guys live…