• Survey on the charts as they stand

    13. Nov. 2007, 10:42 von glassandahalf

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Well, currently we have a tie - 2 at 28. So I'll do them both. DJ Shadow was one of those guys that I always thought I should like - from just seeing his Endtroducing album so often in stores urging me to pick it up, to having people with good taste tell me he rules, but it was only when I decided to seek more of the stuff by Latyrx, and therefore Solesides, that I fell for his beats. Solesides Greatest Bumps is one of those albums that really, really stepped my music appreciation up a notch.

    Diana Ah Naid got big in Australia when I was overseas still, and just as I got back to Australia, I started listening almost religiously to JJJ (easily the best national radio station in the world, despite how crap it can be sometimes...). And that year she brought out "I dont think I'm pregnant", a wonderful LP full of angst, jangle-angst, a smattering of synth-pop, lashes of country... Its diverse, and at that stage I was way more willing to fall for words and use my imagination with songs. …