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Popular Damage


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Popular Damage is a collaborative project between Manchester born Nadine Raihani and Berlin born and raised Stephan Hengst which formed in 2007 in Berlin. The two had crossed paths in Berlin’s indie and post-rock scene playing in different acts and initially started Popular Damage as a side project for making electronic pop music, preferably danceable.

In summer 2008, they released the EP Top Hits of the USA, written and produced by Nadine. The track Everybody Got Young got the attention of blogs and indie radio playlists. End of 2008, they put out two unfaithful cover versions of tracks by Tegan and Sara and Digitalism on their Myspace page. These covers (Popular Damage Assimilations) circulated around Berlin, even receiving airplay without being released. In December 2008, the track Taken Away was hand-picked by Digitalism („…so geil anders und einzgartig!“) as one of the winning remixes for their featured Myspace Competition, which drew in over a 1000 entries.

Beginning of 2009, they were very warmly received at SXSW in the USA and described as „A poppier version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs crossed with Daftpunk!“.

In December 2009, they released their latest EP The Royal Fly with remixes by the likes of Fukkk Offf, Double Dragon and Beatshaker & Blender which brought them two European tours with Zoot Woman and Why? and remix enquiries by The XX, Zoot Woman, Miss Platnum and Nena.


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