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  • neodude991

    Disk 2 is where this album really shines. Hey You, Nobody Home, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell, Waiting For The Worms, The Trial are all masterpieces.

    September 2012
  • emiliankasemi

    If someone knows a better album than this and the dark side...please share it with us!

    März 2012
  • whiteravenmetal


    Januar 2012
  • edefakiel

    Dark, emocional... Pure awesome.

    August 2011
  • gsm007g

    Roger Waters........The Wall O2 ...05..13/2011 The Show of shows...I truly was...."Comfortably Numb"

    Mai 2011
  • Ennish

    This is my favorite disk of the Wall in terms of story and music. Here, we see, er, hear the emotional distress and downward spiral of the character Pink, not to mention the songs themselves are great on a purely musical level. How can you go wrong with "Comfortably Numb", "Waiting for the Worms", and "The Trial"?

    Januar 2011
  • ieatgirls

    no pink floyd? you people are pathetic

    März 2010
  • David590

    Listen to PF is divine but hurt me so much

    Dezember 2009
  • ChuckSnow

    One of the best albums of all time! I own it in vinyl as well as CD.

    August 2009
  • karinabasses

    The Wall àlbum espetacular do Pink Floyd

    März 2009
  • CircusParanoia

    If you like The Wall you might also like our new concept album! Listen to our new 2cd @

    Februar 2009
  • Nette95

    run like hell best on cd 2

    November 2008
  • silverlolo

    Comfortably Numb And Hey you ... like everybody out there :)

    September 2008
  • home3k


    Juli 2008
  • micaleboy

    waiting for the worms rock

    April 2008
  • Eyefoot

    waiting for the worms, the trial, is there anybody out there...write that shit into our history books -peace

    März 2008
  • freespirit-20

    simply only I love you with the whole soul.ciao ciao

    März 2008
  • Tenozuma

    The guitar solo in Hey You does more for me than Comfortably numb, but the Wall is a masterpiece regardless. I can't understand the people saying it has filler.

    Dezember 2007

    hey you, it's huge!

    Juli 2007
  • Rosy13

    Few albums are as collectively good as this one. The artistic style is expanded outside of individual songs and into the album as a whole. Plus, having (in this humble listeners opinion) one of the greatest rock solos of all time (Comfortably Numb) helps too.

    Mai 2006