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  • Hans Zimmer 1982-1987 "The Early Years" Version 1.4 (Final)

    21. Jun. 2007, 0:12 von CloudyMemory


    Now that my exams are over, I can proceed with my little project here on last.fm that I've been wanting to do. Since my love for Hans Zimmer seems to be eternal and undying, I wanted to make a few more or less regularly updated journal entries which would introduce Zimmer's work in it's entirety. An immense task for sure, but since I do it out of fun, no big deal.

    The score reviews presented here will be in chronological order and will be divided thematically into several updated journal entries (thus "Version" in the title). That way people will see, when new score reviews get added. The idea is to present an overview of Zimmer's career, as well as albums, through which his music is available. These reviews are intended for like-minded Zimmer fans, that would like to read about my thoughts on his work, for younger listeners who know him only through his present day scores and would like to find out more, and of course for Zimmer "haters", whose opinions are valued as well.