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Picture Me Broken


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Genre: Rock N Roll

Brooklyn (Vocals/Keyboards)
Dante Phoenix (Guitar)
Jimmy Strimpel (Guitar)
Austin Dunn (Bass)
Connor Lung (Drums)

Artistic vision, intricate musicianship, dark, poetic lyrics exploring heavy, controversial topics and a profound message are the very essence of Picture Me Broken, a breath of fresh air band that shatters any „young band“ or „female-fronted“ stereotypes. Although PMB is mostly comprised of 18-year-olds, they are one of the few bands right now trying to bring back true artistry in this trend-dominated music scene. PMB delivers larger than life, authentic rock n’ roll laced with modern innovation.

Front-woman Layla „Brooklyn“ Allman refuses to be placed in a category with other „rock chicks“ or female lead singers as she draws most of her influence from male artists and believes that women should be just as dynamic. „PMB is not just a ‘female-fronted’ band, PMB is a rock n’ roll band“, she comments.

Brooklyn, and bassist Austin Dunn, have seen this band through since age 12 (2005) and will see it through to the top. The two original members are now confident that they have put together a lineup that offers stellar musicianship, energetic performance, and dynamic personalities. Drummer Connor Lung offers spot on performance, machine-gun like double bass capabilities and undeniable charisma.

As for guitar work, PMB offers dual-lead guitar players Dante Phoenix and Jimmy Strimpel whom switch off lead detail in displaying their distinguished
styles. Their solos, dual leads, and harmonies add
to PMB’s unique sound and complete the live show experience.




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