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  • rikrijean


    vor 19 Tagen
  • theironictea


    letzten Monat
  • supermediadave

    Another great 80's video.

    Oktober 2014
  • su-22-m-4

    Hammer !!!

    Oktober 2014
  • radio_face

    I drive off in my car....

    September 2014
  • Amrabart

    one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

    August 2014
  • ghismmbb

    un artiste unique, un univers sublime

    August 2014
  • djsweetlips1971

    Love me some Gabriel.

    August 2014
  • rOnieAirhead

    great video.

    Mai 2014
  • b5stewa

    abso yes!

    April 2014
  • silversurfer250

    This was featured in the movie Say Anything in a scene where John Cusack plays this from a Boom Box he holds over his head to win the heart of Ione Skye. Cameron Crowe, who directed the film, was going to use Billy Idol's "Got To Be A Lover," but it didn't work with the scene. Crowe got the idea to use this when he played a tape from his wedding which had the song on it. Because it was a deeply personal song, Gabriel did not want to let him use it, but when Crowe called and sent him a tape of the movie, Gabriel loved it and let him use it.

    April 2014
  • lafosta

    Good lord, feels like this song has taken up the whole morning.

    März 2014
  • marjo47

    Good song.

    März 2014
  • veruschkan

    I want my own boxset with John Cusack in it!LOL

    März 2014
  • yerbyderby

    This Player makes me sick. Again and again it´s jerking.

    Februar 2014
  • Assedor

    Gabriel is really fascinating till now.

    Dezember 2013
  • radio_face

    How about a boxed set for x-mas.

    Dezember 2013
  • PghDwayne

    Let's keep it real ladies. Not a single one of you wants to take a jobless man with you when you accept your fellowship.

    Dezember 2013
  • Cofilee

    This song is so good and powerfull in some unique way. :D

    Oktober 2013
  • Jen420

    Oktober 2013
  • icetune

    the very song every girl would like her personal kind of Lloyd Dobbler to play for her.. [2]

    September 2013
  • LebaSalad

    the very song every girl would like her personal kind of Lloyd Dobbler to play for her..

    September 2013
  • nitty_look

    The first time I heard of it was because of the movie Say anything. I say: this song is great.

    August 2013
  • Ennish

    I've known this song for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I realized it was a Peter Gabriel song all along. Still pretty much embedded in my DNA, though.

    April 2013
  • klippshaw

    the new blood version >>>>>>

    März 2013
  • Drazba

    ah scott--you devil

    Januar 2013
  • sl8221958

    If I ever get played at a wedding, I want this song to be married. [13]

    Januar 2013
  • radio_face


    November 2012

    Excellent musician, excellent song! Thank you Mr. Gabriel for being on the cutting edge of pushing the musical barrier - both with lyrics and the use of homogenous instruments!

    November 2012
  • wisaac5440

    Thanks for an awesome 25th anniversary performance of this album in Toronto Sept 2012.

    November 2012
  • nearfield

    Thanks for an Awesome show in Boston on 24SEP2012!!!

    September 2012
  • Lynnbookworm

    awesome beautiful 80's fave!

    September 2012
  • msippigirl


    August 2012
  • PaigeBurnham

    This song is beauty and perfection. I love Peter Gabriel!

    Juni 2012
  • tabletopdrummer

    Great groove

    Juni 2012
  • jdr11201

    I grew up listing to Peter Gabriel this track has always made me remember people I miss. Good times those days! Thanks Peter G. :)

    Juni 2012


    Mai 2012
  • britagent1

    of all the fruitless searches....the price of universal. yet so personal....awesome!

    März 2012

    If I ever get married, I want this song to be played at the wedding [4]

    März 2012
  • tcbp

    If I ever get married, I want this song to be played at the wedding [3]

    März 2012
  • jasminder82

    One of my favourite songs of all time.

    März 2012
  • TheFructose

    The most romantic song ever recorded.

    März 2012
  • kenet87

    "i get so tired working so hard for our survival..." ah, amazing.

    Februar 2012
  • LisaMatasha


    Februar 2012
  • h1970s

    MOST UNIVERSAL RELATABLE SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Januar 2012
  • Izzysmiles

    I swoon for this song. It hits me in an odd place in my heart. I love it.

    Januar 2012
  • kellykimxx

    I like to listen to this song at top volume and let the music surround me.

    Oktober 2011
  • chablin

    GReat voice and great album ;)

    Oktober 2011
  • kikikirsche

    I want to touch the light, the heat I see in your eyes

    Oktober 2011
  • robhop31

    I love this song. However this version is not worth a hill of beans.

    Oktober 2011