Greed (3:15)

Cover von Straight Ahead

Aus Straight Ahead und 2 anderen Veröffentlichungen

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everything you see you always think you need you are so crazy motivated by greed you never take responsibility you only waste your time when you fuck with me all you do is take you see my hatred grows can't take much more i'm about to explode you'll see a side of me i've never shown you'll feel pain like you've never known got enough but you want it all in it for greed now you're gonna fall here we come gonna ruin your day time has come it's your turn to pay the mighty dollar is your only care you're movin' up but you're going nowhere you say you only want to get your share but you still want more no you won't play fair you'll never ever quit you won't be denied you sit and watch your money multiply to get what you want you'll cheat and lie but i know - you won't be satisfied today is a good day for suffering

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