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Peaking Lights


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It’s been a long time coming. Thinking of time somehow makes everything else seem so marginal in our case. Indra and I grew up several thousand miles away on the same continent, several years apart with totally different concepts in sound and life experiences. I guess it’s easier to look for the thread that ties long spans of time together, rather than the needle that pokes the holes for the thread that collapses point a and point b - making life less linear and more cyclical. Like a pulse that pumps blood thru the body, bringing nourishing energy as well as removing the impurities within that whole thing you call you. It’s best to think of this as a story with no end or beginning.

Indra and I met under wild style types of circumstances. Hot tub, late night, summertime, that’s all you need to know. We had known each other on fringes, thru friends of friends and the likes since the late 90’s when she played drums in the post-punk, no-wave influenced band Numbers in San Francisco and I played in a goth band called Heart of Snow and a psych band called Space Cobra in Oakland. We’re a Bay and 7 years apart at that time. Numbers chugged along for 8 years changing styles thru the years. Sometime around 2000, both bands I was in disbanded and I spent the next many years focusing on getting weird and building synths because I couldn’t afford killer vintage gear to make cosmic sounds. Before we met, we both developed and learned so many different aspects of music, coming from relatively different worlds.




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