• Butthole Surfers / 400 Blows (concert)

    5. Sep. 2011, 15:14 von AlanRanta

    Sat 3 Sep – Butthole Surfers, 400 Blows
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    Butthole Surfers / 400 Blows
    Rickshaw, Vancouver BC September 3
    By Alan Ranta

    Brains turned to mush both literally and figuratively at the Rickshaw. Hailing from LA, 400 Blows provided a dose of vitriol-laced punk sludge. The drum and guitar combo rocked hard, with singer Skot Alexander looking like John Belushi, wearing a puffy vest with his perspiring, cherubic face peering through Blues Brothers sunglasses. Alexander talked more than sang, leaving much to be desired from a frontman, but the band had something going for them: energy.

    With the '80s pop aesthetic gripping the world over the past few years, it makes sense that the '80s pop backlash would also make a come back. Though Butthole Surfers haven't released an album in a decade, they still live up to their name and reputation. …