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  • alexmona

    hey ey baby )

    Februar 2012
  • podcastify

    Added to Podcast! (

    Juli 2008
  • Beaver6813

    Am i missing something... why is one of the tags, G4 sucks!?

    Juli 2007
  • smartyhall

    Utilikilts FTW!

    Juni 2007
  • vocalyouth

    DL.TV is the closest thing I have found to the golden TechTV era. I love it. The most recent episode from the Makers Fair gets an A+ from me. It made me want to go there.

    Mai 2007
  • CheatRZ

    Weird.. I subscribe to the video version and it still gets scrobbed. Oh well, DL.TV is a great podcast.

    Februar 2007
  • kevman5

    These guys rock

    Dezember 2006
  • Dusterdb88

    haha, i love his description... DIE G4!!!

    August 2006
  • qacinus3

    I'm the #1 fan, who the hell are these foolz?

    Mai 2006