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  • yuri_s_a_n

    Sounds like some kind of Depeche Lost, but it's quite good. Nevertheless, it's not doom or gothic metal, fix your tags.

    Mai 2014
  • maryannmassacre

    Love this song. I can`t believe this is`s first time playing it for me. ):

    November 2011
  • thespeckofme

    Those couple of background synth notes make this song. And it's a good song.

    August 2011
  • OverMadness

    Host is an exellent album, I love it...but gothic metal!?

    Juni 2011
  • PuzzledCostya


    Februar 2010
  • hnava

    not all negativity is bad.

    Juli 2009
  • pe84

    A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 2009
  • Mrbund

    excellent sounds on this album. regardless of what ppl might say, this is one album that reveals the dream many metal musicians who've long been fans of bands like The Cure, Sisters of Mercy and various 90s goth/darkwave/electronic etc. offspring of the aforementioned. For all of you non-musician metal listeners out there (and hobbyists): doing "metal" every time is boring--esp. after 10 years.

    Januar 2009
  • jarflies

    oh , c'mon , this album was " tha worst" but in the matter of fact everybody was so surprised , just the people dont likes changes , i do :)

    Oktober 2008
  • forgetsoul

    los grandes y absolutos padres del doom

    August 2008
  • isolationtheory

    yada yada

    Juli 2008
  • vikinglust

    british metallica this sucks worse than american metal

    Juli 2008