P.K.O. (Pounds, Keys & Ounces) is a San Antonio based rap group, consisting of Nino, Magic Mark, AK and K-Sam.

PKO performed at local nightclubs and parties and developed a strong fan base. They began to release singles under their independent label, Youngsta Records.

In 1992, PKO gained notoriety when CNN interviewed the group about the controversy surrounding their underground hit single Shoot the Police. After the release of the single, PKO recorded their first full length EP, Don’t Fuck With Texas. In 1994, they released The Good, the Bad, the Mafia, which has sold 300,000 units to date and peaked at #64 on Billboard’s album charts. After their CNN appearance, PKO performed with N.W.A, the Geto Boys and Too Short. Master P invited PKO to contribute a single to the October 31, 1995 release of Down South Hustlas: Bouncin’ and Swingin. PKO is credited with track #9 on the album, Got It Sowed Up. The album reached #139 on Billboard 200 and #13 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Martin and fellow PKO member „Magic“ Mark recorded a diss towards DJ Quik entitled San Antonio Ain’t Shit Like Compton in response to Jus Lyke Compton, a track on which DJ Quik compared San Antonio to Compton. The track San Antonio Ain’t Shit Like Compton appeared on 1994’s Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia.

PKO declined recording deals with major labels and remained an independent label. Throughout the 1990s PKO released their own albums as well as those of other artists on their label, Youngsta Records. Martin later went solo, and his debut album, Nino, sold 100,027 units and hit #84 on the Billboard Rap Charts.

PKO is remembered as the Southern/Texas group equivalent to NWA.

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