• so called post-rock on air with some math-rock added

    4. Nov. 2006, 15:24 von myf

    My friend kangaroo from Radio Akropolis asked me to play some of my favourite music in his program "Jitro kouzelniku". We had just about 1.5 hours, so it was quite difficult to choose. I had brought bloody-messy-digest of my playlist and then improvised. The "setlist" came up as follows, (i write this as a link-dump to be added to the program description):

    1) Motionless - The Politics Of Resignation , The Windmill EP
    ( mp3 , motionlessmusic.com )

    2) Bell Orchestre - Les Lumieres, Pt. 2 , Recording a Tape the Colour of Light
    ( bellorchestre.com , wiki )

    3) Mogwai - We're No Here , live @ BBC 2006-01-31 / Mr. Beast
    ( other version mp3 , mogwai.co.uk podcast , concerts@archive )

    4) Explosions in the Sky - A Poor Man's Memory , Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever
    ( other version mp3 , concerts , concerts@archive )

    5) Milhaven - look, victory! , bars closing down
  • Post-rock "subgenres"

    26. Mai. 2006, 18:49 von piqquam

    So, I once had a really boring night and went through all the post-rock stuff I've ever listened to. Then I categorized all of them to subgenres in a txt file and gave the subgenres a brief description. I've had this on my hard drive for couple of months now and I've sometimes updated it a little, but I just thought to share it here in my journal.

    Why categorize post-rock into subgenres, what's the bloody point?

    Everyone hears music differently according to their earlier listening experience overall and their experience on that particular genre. Therefore I think it's pointless to argue about which band belongs to some particular genre, it serves no purpose. But the purpose of describing different music with labels, genres and subgenres, is to give a quick hint what the music is like. Like I said, we all have different opinion about these, we all hear the music differently, but maybe these will give some direction.

    Post-rock has come a very wide genre. …
  • Update - "lesser known yet streamable" tag

    24. Feb. 2006, 3:21 von scarebear

    The tag I started turned out to be pretty popular, and other people have been adding artists since its creation until now. While other people have been more liberal in the definition of "lesser known", mine still follow the rule of having to have less than 5,000 fans to be added to the tag. Not that it matters all that much. Some of the artists I've added, I tagged because someone else had tagged them, and I was curious to hear what they sounded like. But I still don't know what they sound like since they haven't come up on my player yet. If I hear them and I don't like them I may untag them.

    Here's what's been added starting Feb. 10th:
    (currently at 256 listeners)
    ---Benny Carter
    (Currently at 1,966 listeners)
    ---Bel Canto
    (Currently at 1,725 listeners)
    ---Helge Krabye
    (currently at 62 listeners)

    Done looking at the artists and how many listeners, and here's the result. And, as was planned, if the number's over 10,000 they get removed from the list.