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Mitglied seit 04.03.2005
Band-Website breatherman.com
Bandmitglieder Bo Dugger - bass
Travis Kammeyer - guitar, engineering
Joe Armstrong- guitar
Joey Metcalf- drums
Cody Ledford- cello
Tim Smith - drums (2006-2009)

Einflüsse pink floyd, the moody blues, jethro tull, mogwai, mono, isis, mastodon, led zeppelin, sigur ros, dj shadow, various cool sh*t. whatever makes the hair on our necks stand up

Weitere Infos: http://www.myspace.com/ocoai#ixzz12KGLXAqL

Formed in the summer of 2006, Ocoai have quickly garnered the praise of their peers as well as a devoted following of fans.

Guitarist (and engineer/producer ) Travis Kammeyer and drummer, Tim Smith met in the small but immensely talented music scene of Johnson City, TN. Upon discovering similar interests, the two formed their first band together, 24 Hour Front Desk in early 2005. After 24HFD dissolved, Kammeyer and Smith wanted to try something different. Kammeyer who had shared guitar and vocal duties in 24HFD, wanted to shift focus from vocals all together. Thus Ocoai was born with one mission: to be the loudest and heaviest band around.
Without a vocalist or for that matter a lyricist, the table was wide open for musical development. To complete the line up, guitarist Joe Armstrong and bassist Bo Dugger were brought on board. The varying musical influences of the individuals serve as a catalyst for developing songs that have a sort of push-and-pull effect on the audience. Ambient guitars swell into crunching riffs while sparse back beat rhythms develop into a tsunami-like driving force, until every accent is pounded into your brain.




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