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Obscure Mortuary



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Obscure Mortuary formed back in 2003. Inspired by the grindcore, thrash, death and blackmetal scene in the early-nineties. The purpose was to create some mindblowing and agressive music in any way. The grind-specialists from Rostock combine skillfully thrash riffs with short black metal parts and gore elements to a highly explosive grindcore wrecking ball, in which the grindcore elements the direction pretend. The band evolved its sound consistently in the early years. As time passed O.M. played a lot of cool club-shows around their hometown Rostock and some minor festivals in the north of Germany (Arsch Cholio Open Air/Protzen Open Air/Wacken Metal Battle/Laut Extrem/Cadaver Corpse & Bowels). Because of musical differences left some members the band in 2006/07. This situation hadn´t changed the opinions of the remaining members on which way this all will go. O.M. constructed a final line-up in late 2009 with Rob/bass & Vocals, Sascha/Guitar, Haaki/Drums, Sven/Guitar & Adrian/Vocals. In 2010 O.M. played a lot of club-shows and some bigger selected festivals in all of Germany & Europe (Obscene Extreme Festival/Nägel mit Köpfen Festival/MoshUp Festival/B- Day Massacre Festival). The highlight in 2010 was definitely the show on the Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov (Czech Republik). O.M. played in the night from Saturday to Friday and it was awesome to entertain the OEF crowd. In 2011 O.M. played only four bigger selected shows/festivals in the north & in the middle of Germany (Blutsvente Festival/United in Death Festival/Grind the Nazi Scum Festival/Wacken Warm Up Festival).


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