On Fire (3:30)

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breathe in. kindle the fire. a new plague now living so deep inside. this pharaoh's found in the mirrors on our walls. war. the addicts scream war yet fault is solely self-imposed. truth or denial hold the options in our hearts, and we choose truth. combating poisons while the sun still shines upon our lives. breakdown decide. just what would it take to be on the other side? its within our hearts, within our mindsets, within earshot and eyeshot today. within our skin, within our framework, tomorrow's there but it might be too late. its within our hearts, within our mindsets today. exhale. release the sickness, spitting blood into the eyes of virtue, blinding choking the ones who want no more. the goal is modest the consequences more or less honest when life or death are the only roads ahead. and we choose life. combating poisons while the sun still shines upon our lives. breakdown decide. give me a vision of what's on the other side. the past, the past's a minefield filled with regret. quietly we tiptoe watching where, just where we tread. and never mind addictive states, never mind old trends, tough to fight, wrong or right, decisions made are ours tonight. staring through the window, the sunlight reflects eyes, of thousands here before me in different forms of life. just one time for the pleasure, now can we stop the pain when centuries of common knowledge are hard to rearrange? breakdown decide

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