• The last decade was pretty good music wise. I guess.

    8. Jan. 2010, 17:41 von logbut

    Yeah... I hate doing those best of whatever year lists; i can never remember what came out that year or not. The end of the decade has, however, let me realize how many awesome records came out in the last ten years. fuck putting them in order, and whittling it down to 10 or even 50, I'm no good at that. Just be happy they are alphabetized by artist.

    Many of these records are basically what made me who I am today. I tried to keep it at one album per artist, though I think there is 1 or 2 exceptions to that rule. Oh yeah I also chose to leave out collections and reissues, only stuff that has been recorded between 2000 and 2009. enjoy.

    Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose
    This record really helped energize a whole scene into being creative and energetic again. Say what you want about them now, but this record is still fresh and fun and uplifting to me every time I put it on. When this came out they sounded like they could take over the world, but few people actually expected them too. …
  • Frail Walls #2/Dirgehead #8: REACHING./Seedbed split 7" LATHE!

    28. Okt. 2009, 16:04 von logbut

    Yes I know Evan already made a post about this, but I'm gonna too. :P

    By logbut, shot with Canon PowerShot A590 IS at 2009-10-28

    After six long months of waiting, they are finally here, the glorious poly-carbonate discs hand cut with grooves to truly make your head shake. This co-release from Frail Walls Productions and Dirgehead Distribution Company offers up some truly hard to listen to sonic art in 100% DIY fashion. So DIY in fact, that Rick Ta Life himself has weeped at the mere thought of this 7". Every aspect of this record was handmade, from the silkscreened cover, to the hand cutting of each record by the mythical Peter King, and of course the music carved into the grooves.
    Musically the artist truly are wearing their Sunday best, or something. Reaching. brings 5 minutes of low end oscillator violence with cascading walls of skree. Satisfying and harsh. A Dilemma if you will. J. Briglia, L.
  • Frail Walls #4 + #5! Wolverine Carcass CDr + Apocolyptic Youth DVDr + Orgasm…

    4. Okt. 2009, 0:56 von logbut

    So it's been a while for any Frail Walls activity. Some may see that as a good thing but whatever. Anyway. I have two new releases to offer the dirty, noise crazed masses of the world.

    By logbut at 2009-10-03

    Wolverine Carcass - Why Am I Doing This: A Collection Of Unreleased And Out Of Print Tracks 2007 - 2009

    First off is Frail Walls Productions #4, its a release by Wolverine Carcass aka yours truly, the humble narrator of this internet information readie thing. In a desperation move after realizing that He was out of hardcopy CDs to sell as merch at his first live action, Wolverine Carcass whipped up a crystalline compact audio disc chock full of goodies. This CDr is a hodge-podge of various tracks that have been released and aren't available or that were recorded and never used for anything OR(!) early versions of stuff that was released OR(!!) stuff that was used as parts of other stuff. …
  • new shit i've picked up

    27. Jan. 2008, 18:10 von logbut

    so i've decided to let you all know what i've been listening to lately. some is old. some new. all of it is guaranteed to blow your mind.

    Nikudorei - Gential Torture (H:G Fact 1997): 99 tracks of psychotic noise/grind mayhem. 2 dudes, one plays drums, one plays live power electronics and vocals. the pair blast through improvised "songs" with tortured screams and ear grating noise. pretty much as extreme music while still being able to describe it as music. there are a few extended jams on here, ranging from droning obnoxious feedback and walls of straight of noise. the closer is an interesting concept, taking a sound sample of a rape scene froma film, and using that as an oscillator to blast through a noise rig. the sound overall is like a more extreme Gorebeyondnecropsy, or The Gerogerigegege. i love it. i want to start a band like this. any drummers who are interested contact me.

    Xexyz - Primeval Mountain (Dipsomaniac/Illonoisian Thunder 2007): super lo-fi NES black metal. …