• Countdown To 25,000

    22. Aug. 2007, 18:01 von mymachine

    Doing this again, 'cuz i'm bored and thought it'd be fun! I'll have my little say about each track as well

    24,991 Nicole Scherzinger
    Whatever You Like (featuring T.I.)
    Her Name Is Nicole

    The debut single from Nicole Scherzinger, yeah the main singer from The Pussycat Dolls. Borrowing the backing track from Chilli from TLC's 'Straight Jack', this is a very seductive and sexy track that's been stuck in my head ever since i heard it, the video is wicked too.

    24,992 Ciara
    Bang It Up
    The Evolution

    Definately my favourite track from this album a fantastic club banger to say the least, the beat is hot and Ciara's sooth vocals over the top makes this a fierce track, definately check this out.

    24,993 Amy Winehouse
    Back to Black
    Back to Black

    The title track of the album. Amy Winehouse is without a doubt a small lady with a huge amount of talent. Not my fave off the album, but still a good soul number from a very good album.

    25,994 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Art Star
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • This weeks favourites (week 33)

    19. Aug. 2007, 0:17 von Wesszz

    Introduction of this week

    This week the new single from the Sugababes leaked, it isn't a good version of it but it's listenable (if that's a correct word lol) it's their first single from their new upcoming 5th album, at first i didn't liked the song but after a few listens i now like it a lot, i find it very similar to the Avril Lavigne sound. Also a new song leaked from Nicole Scherzinger called Baby Love, it is rumoured to be the second single after Whatever u like!, about the song, i like it a lot, it's a smooth uptempo song and i think it'll do well in the charts. Albums, nothing much came out, i found a new album from Slinkee Minx, they're a ladies trio from Australia and they make electro pop/dance music, i like this album a lot cause i like this kind of music a lot. About video's, only one jumped out of it and that's the one from Nicole Scherzinger, it was about time that the video came for Whatever u like, though i think that she has watched to many video's from Beyoncé lol!
  • 33: MusicReview

    18. Aug. 2007, 14:00 von Rockrooster

    Introduction ”What was up this week?” Musicweek brought not much new stuff, no new album for instance (which I was interested for), also videoland was pretty dead, the Nicole Scherzinger wasnot that great and didnot make it to ‘videofave’. Not to forget is the GQ-leak of ‘About you know’ from the Sugababes, I fell in love right away. Hopefully next week will be more full of life.

    Track of the Week ”Morning Runner – burning benches” Morning Runner is a band I discovered a year ago, and this song is one of the smash hits of ’06 (for me). I don’t know why it had such a great revive, I put it on my MP3, and it rocked! An other track from Kat DeLuna called ‘Animal’ had a great uplift on my MP3, so I had actually 2 toptracks this week, but ‘burning benches’ topped more!

    Single Hotness ”Charttop 25”
    01 01 02 Stereophonics – It means nothing (2x #1)
    02 07 05 Editors – an end has a start (2x #1)
    03 17 02 Foo Fighters – The Pretender
    04 11 04 Arcade Fire – no cars go
    05 03 02 Kat DeLuna – Am I dreaming

    12. Aug. 2007, 16:18 von alefone


    1. How did you get into 29? (Anahi)
    Desesperadamente Sola (uhh nanananananana oê oê oê ô)

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22? (Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser)
    quiero un chicle de menta y una paleta (!!)

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 33? (Justin Timberlake)
    My Love (my loo-o-o-ow-ve)

    4. What is your favorite album by 49? (Gil)
    Me Beija (WITH "Maionese")

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own? (Blur)
    The Best of Blur (just in my pc OK)

    6. What is your favorite song by 50? (Le Tigre)
    I'm So Excited

    7. Is there a song by 39 that makes you sad? (Rogue Wave)

    8. What is your favorite song by 15? (Nirvana)
    Polly :~~

    9. What is your favorite song by 5? (Gwen Stefani)
    Rich Girl (nanananananananananana)


    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy? (Timbaland)
  • Top 30 Artists (Of right now...)

    11. Jul. 2007, 22:38 von xxix

  • My Meloncholy Album

    9. Jul. 2007, 7:46 von brand929

    For some reason, I always return to this album. Thorough my life there is no album that I’ve probably listened to more than Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly”. I only realized this tonight though, as I’m feeling a little down for reasons that I’ll keep to myself. But I want to write about this album and what it has done for me, guiding me and helping me through rough times. Why? Why this album? Out of the hundreds of albums in my collection, why does this one have a tight grip on my emotions? I think there are a number of reasons, one mainly being that “Butterfly” was my very first album; the first album that I personally owned. Maybe another reason is because it was presented to me at a time of great change. It was my 11th birthday and my aunt gave me my first CD as a present. I was so happy because up to that point I’d lock myself in my room listening to every album that she owned, I guess that was her way of making me leave her possessions alone. …
  • That week (27/2007) in music: My reflection

    7. Jul. 2007, 19:44 von Luigi-ish

    Yes, this week a webrip of one of my most anticipated albums of 2007 leaked! If you know me, you know I'm talking about Insomniatic by the two and only Aly & AJ. Also, Nicole Scherzinger's first single "Whatever You Like" leaked, which basically covers Chilli's "Straight Jack", which I think is better than Nicole's song. Anyway, a miracle also happened! I really started loving My December, which I didn't like AT ALL in the beginning. Slowly, I've started liking tracks like "Hole", "How I Feel", "Sober" and "Maybe", resulting into me loving them all. I'm also feeling Aly & AJ's "Not This Year", a track from their album Acoustic Hearts of Winter, which I originally wanted to be this week's album, but as Insomniatic leaked, I felt like that one is more important and it actually has been the album I listened to the most this week, for the 7th time already! And for me, that's a LOT!

  • 27: Musicreview

    7. Jul. 2007, 13:13 von Rockrooster

    Introduction "What was up this week?" There wasnot lots of new stuff this week, only one track really standout this week; I'm talking about 'Nicole Scherzinger ft T.I. - whatever you like'. I totally like it! Also one album really stood out: 'Mayday Parade - A lesson in Romantics'. I LOVE IT! The band has 2 male singers and they singing together or to each other, makes it a hot duo! The album has really hardrock songs en very low-instrumentally songs...Gonna listen to it soon again! Don't wanna forget Aly & AJ either, but I only listened it once, and I will listen again when the retail leakes, that won't take long. No new hot video was released this week, so there won't be a 'video fave'

    Track of the week "Dame Shirley Bassey - Get the party started" How cool is this track, well it's over-the-top-gay, so I have to love it (L) Shirley Bassey, or as she wants to be called these days: Dame Shirley Bassey covered P!nk's song awesomely! The song is on her new album that is titled the same. …
  • Upcoming Attractions 2007: Vol. 5

    4. Jun. 2007, 22:56 von Le_THieN


    An aside:

    It’s become pretty apparent that I’m having all sorts of trouble drawing inspiration from anything that might potentially propel me back into a prolific writing mood these last couple of months; that’s not even mentioning Last.FM’s current lack of emphasis on even remotely giving two shits about the shot and broken state of the journal tracker, which is wildly demoralizing. I generally write for my own benefit, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that I revel in reading the potential responses of strangers to my posturing. Journal connectivity already took one big hit when the Last.FM programmers decided to take off relevant journal entries off of people’s front pages. Now, not only has my potential readership been cut by 90%, my friends are incapable of being alerted to my latest entries.

    Perhaps this wouldn’t be as big of a deal if I didn’t invest so much time into something I don’t…
  • The Way I Are

    19. Apr. 2007, 18:56 von clemens1986

    Right now Timbaland is No. 1 in the US and in the UK with Give It To Me. But this is the track that carves a smile on my face.
    Seriously, people! How could anyone NOT dig this song? ;)

    I ain't got no money...

    But I got the feeling that the follow-up single to 'Give It To Me' will be 'Scream'; more hit-potential + chief-pussycat Nicole Scherzinger...

    To sum up: Shock Value = :D

    P.S: I also love 'Oh Timbaland', 'Bounce' & 'Throw it on me' amongst others, but 'The Way I Are' & 'Scream' are the designated hit-singles IMO.