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  • ParnoidLizard

    now he don't even know his naame.. ;-;

    Sonntag Abend
  • mcfagget

    can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all.

    letzte Woche
  • DdroL

    album is a masterpiece. and this song, it's got a singing saw for crying out loud how can you not like it

    April 2015
  • samiskywalker

    soooooooo good <3

    April 2015
  • akatarzynak

    What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all around the sun

    April 2015
  • phosgene

    God... and I thought Bright Eyes is awful

    März 2015
  • IsawBoneR

    fucking tickets sold out in ten seconds wtf

    März 2015
  • LiamRandolph

    After much thinking, I've concluded that this is the song I want played at my funeral. It's perfect.

    März 2015
  • gusshi


    Februar 2015
  • LoveisInfinite

    Latarnie Montpellier - In the Aeroplane over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel cover) an ambient pop cover

    Januar 2015
  • Lindsey1151

    This song is about living in NYC!

    Januar 2015
  • BananthonyMango

    I lost my virginity to this song.

    Januar 2015
  • orehovakarina


    November 2014
  • dharma24

    Anyone got recommendations for other tracks similar to this?

    Oktober 2014
  • cayucus

    found myself again

    August 2014
  • laggykid

    going to cry

    August 2014
  • chenne17


    August 2014
  • HayleighRayment

    And we know who glee it

    Juli 2014
  • jpzitoleopold


    Juli 2014

    How couldn't I hear it before? Best f-ng song of a humankind

    Juli 2014
  • kayhiphop

    -what a beautiful face i found in this place-

    Mai 2014
  • MiladeMJey

    خــعـــلی خوبه

    April 2014
  • naallelii

    I love you Jeeeeeesus Chriiiiiist

    April 2014
  • captaindaah

    still a spectacular song; uplifting, inspiring, optimistic

    April 2014
  • ItsmeDeenie

    März 2014
  • Jovachan

    i love you jesus christ

    Februar 2014
  • acousticguitar1

    "What a beautiful dream that could flash on the screen In a blink of an eye and be gone from me" This song is about recognizing the beauty in the transience of human life.

    Februar 2014
  • joshsaussey

    Such a beautiful song. It is so powerful and moving, from the heartfelt chorus to the various mix of background instruments. I love this so much.

    Februar 2014
  • jojithegreat

    One of the best songs ever.

    Januar 2014
  • w_lves

    pls stop laughing at scotty in the accordion peas version......

    Januar 2014
  • elnico

    this song, every time, i cant

    Januar 2014
  • FlyingWhael

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    Dezember 2013
  • libroequivocado

    so many feels

    Dezember 2013
  • jpzitoleopold

    v /mu/ core

    Dezember 2013
  • kingalexvii

    Death Grips radio. wut ?

    Dezember 2013
  • Sammabob


    Dezember 2013
  • londoncarl

    Seeing them play London in 2014!!!! Can't wait.

    November 2013
  • bloodbaths

    it's actually cruel how wonderful this is ?

    Oktober 2013
  • DougIsaac


    Oktober 2013
  • LeMusicDefener

    I love you Jesus Christ

    Oktober 2013
  • SudoAptGetPurge

    "But for now, we are young, let us lay in the sun, and count every beautiful thing" Gets me every time

    August 2013
  • GeneralHoden

    god-tier song. lyrics hit me right in the heart

    August 2013
  • SomeOtherGirl76

    It will NEVER EVER get old...ever.

    August 2013
  • Kaorikaze


    Juli 2013
  • diachromatic

    How strange it is to be anything at all [4 ]

    Juli 2013
  • coryquirk

    get get get get got got got got here from death grips radio. wrong mountaintops lastfm

    Juni 2013
  • RCAlbright


    Mai 2013
  • nacaztli

    let me hold it close and keep it here

    Mai 2013
  • imaginaryangie

    I wish I could "love" this one a million times over. Funny how the songs of love that are most beautiful and touching to me, are the ones that involve death. I suppose because it is the only thing that can fully sever such a deeply rooted, strong emotion. This song breaks my heart, but also fills me with hope and nostalgic memories of love lost. It will always be one of my favorites.

    Mai 2013
  • TheFrenchJerk

    How strange it is to be anything at all [3]

    Mai 2013